DEBWEWIN Album Project: 13 SONGS for 13 MOONS

DEBWEWIN is an Anishinaabemowin expression that describes one's "heart-truth." The project is guided by Turtle Island Indigenous mentors and friends, in good-minded collaboration.  This diverse collection of songs expresses Kenny's feelings and thoughts about the importance of acting on reconciliation, moving towards more respect, care and protection for life on Earth. 

Each song will be released one month apart for 13 moons, culminating in a complete album to be released in spring 2022.



Let's turn The World Around

"Let's Turn The World Around" is a Motown-inspired song of love, diversity, inclusion, courage, and renewal."

First single from the album DEBWEWIN - 13 Songs for 13 Moons, 2022. Debwewin is an Anishinaabe expression referring to one's "heart-truth." Miigwech shkakimikwe. 

Kenny Kirkwood - voice, piano, saxophones  // Laurel Minnes - voice // 
Michael Herring – electric bass  //Dave Clark – drum kit  
Recorded by Joe Lapinski, WOW! Recording Studio, St. Catharines ON 
Mixed by Joe Lapinski  // Mastered by Fedge
Co-Produced by Kenny Kirkwood, Joe Lapinski, 2019 - 2021. Released May 2021.

Available on Spotify and all streaming platforms.


Spirit you

“Spirit You” is a lilting bossa nova dedicated to Kenny's dad, who taught him how men can communicate with a good mind and build healthy male relationships that strengthen a family and community. "The lyrics describe those feelings of comfort, confidence and connection, which I truly wish for all future generations on our Earth."

The music video features the art of Jonathan Green, world renowned Gullah painter and gay African American activist, curated/animated by videographer Carlos Coronado.

The second single release from Kirkwood’s DEBWEWIN Heart-Truth album project featuring Kenny (vocals, sax), Louis Simao (acoustic guitar, bass) and Anthony Michelli (drums, mixing). Voice recorded by Joe Lapinski //
Mixed by Anthony Michelli // Mastered by Fedge // Co-Produced by Kenny Kirkwood, Joe Lapinski, 2019 - 2021. Released June 2021.

Available on Spotify and all streaming platforms.

A Oneness Without Sides

Featuring Alana Bridgewater

A thought provoking soul-anthem for peace on Earth, Kirkwood’s beautifully honest, forward focused lyrics in “A Oneness Without Sides” are showcased by a supremely talented and lauded collective of Toronto area musicians. Alongside Kirkwood, Gemini Award-nominated actor, singer, and activist Alana Bridgewater lends her powerfully soulful vocals to a string arrangement by Andrew Downing, with Michael Occhipinti on guitar, Carlie Howell on bass and Dave Clark on drums; the track was mixed by Joe Lapinski, and mastered by FEDGE.  Released July 2021.

“This song reflects my journey to acknowledge the heart-wrenching truths about global capitalism and environmental damage,” I wrote “A Oneness Without Sides” in 2002, during a time of tremendous personal growth and a gig with Gord Downie. "Now, in 2021, there is tremendous opportunity for Canadians for collective human healing. Let's work out reconciliation together."                Available on Spotify and all streaming platforms.

the five nations peacemaker rap

Featuring The Ollivanders

A Teaching Song - not for financial profit or fame, for educational use. ©2009-2021 Kenny Kirkwood SOCAN. Revised in 13 yrs ongoing consultation/collaboration with diverse group of Haudenosaunee language speakers, longhouse members, storytellers, educators, and families.  Support Indigenous languages in your area – listen, speak, promote, fund.  Learn more about democracy and peacemaking to protect the world for all children.

Kenny Kirkwood – voice, piano, djembe, saxophones
Featuring The Ollivanders (Martin Isaacs – lead guitar; Roxanne Rendle – rhythm guitar, voice; Ryan Johnson – bass; Ryan Mickeloff – drum kit), and Haudenosaunee children’s voices.

Co-Produced by Kenny Kirkwood, Joe Lapinski. Engineered by Joe Lapinski. Recorded and mixed at WOW! Recording Studio. Ollivanders tracks recorded independently. Mastered by Fedge. Released Aug 2021. Available on Spotify and all streaming platforms.

Find The Ways (Talking Like We're People)

A lively Earth-beat dance tune for peace on our beautiful earth through emotional intelligence. Featuring the awesome diversity of our fellow earthlings in peak performance, telling their stories. Miigwech skakimikwe. Nia:wen ieti nisten'ha ohontsia. Thanks to the beautiful earth, well worth protecting. The 5th single for the DEBWEWIN Album Project: 13 Songs for 13 Moons. © 2022 KennyKirkwoodMusic.

MUSICIANS: Kenny Kirkwood - voice, saxophones // Jenna Marie - voice // Joe Lapinski – guitar // Clayton Harder – bass // Julian Clarke – drum kit //

PRODUCTION: Voice, sax and guitar recorded by Joe Lapinski at WOW! Recording Studio, St. Catharines ON // Mixed by Joe Lapinski // Mastered by Fedge // Co-Produced by Kenny Kirkwood & Joe Lapinski // © 2019-2021 KennyKirkwoodMusic // All rights reserved.  Released May 2022. Videography by Todd Porter
Available on Spotify and all streaming platforms.



Kite Tales, 1999

Original smooth jazz songs and intricate funk jams, recorded live at the Top Of The Senator, Toronto.


Kenny Kirkwood - voice, sax, percussion 
David Restivo - piano, keyboard 
Kevin Turcotte - trumpet 
Rich Brown - electric bass 
Daniel Barnes - drum kit 
Kevin Breit - guitar 
Alan Hetherington - congas 

Brent Bodrug - engineer, co-producer 
Kenny Kirkwood - co-producer


1 Be Natural

2 For Betty Carter

3 Simply Glorious

4 See The Wind

5 Love

6 The State I'm In

7 One With Everything

8 Everybody Wants To Rule The World

9 Hoe Down


"Who is this man who sounds so happy?"
- Avril Benoit, CBC Radio

“Your beautiful CD is terrific! The song “for Betty Carter” is lovely. The level of musicianship is really high and you sound like a band that loves to play together. The live performance recording is not an easy thing to pull off, but A Band Called Kite manages it with a great deal of precision and spirit!” 

“The record is fabulous, it’s been in my CD player for some time now. I’m partial to track 2 “for Betty Carter”'s lodged in my skull ... ‘keep movin on”... beautiful!” 

“The songs are great! They give me a lot of images...the melodies are lush...the harmonies are really takes you.”


A BAND CALLED KITE showcases the original soul jazz music of Toronto singer/saxophonist Kenny Kirkwood. 5 award-winning Canadian jazz artists give life to Kenny's original songs and arrangements of swing, funk and odd-metered rap.

Recorded live over 5 nights at Toronto's premiere jazz club the Top of the Senator, 
A BAND CALLED KITE delivers a bright polished sound, deep grooves and earth-soul lyrics for our times.


JVC Jazz Festival (with DJ Dopey) - Toronto 

Annual Club Crawl - Toronto 

CD Release “A Band Called Kite” 

Toronto International Jazz Festival 

CJRT-FM Sound of Toronto Jazz Series

ZAMCAB, 2002


Free World Beat, 2002


Kenny Kirkwood - voice, baritone sax, keys, djembe,
David French - voice, tenor sax, berimbau, keys
Todd Porter - voice, soprano/tenor sax, winds, djembe
Emilio Reyes Le Blanc - voice, alto sax, percussion
Louis Simao - voice, guitar, accordian, keys, pandiero
Ilios Steryannis - voice, drum kit, djembe, percussion
Steve Zsirai - voice, electric bass, percussion


Selected tracks from ZAM CAB
Live @ University of Toronto, Oct’02 

1 Tiyende Pamodzi 1:01    Zambian call/response chant with percussion. 

2 Wonderful You 1:31    Original 12/8 shuffle song morphs into clap-a-long rap. 

3 Rocks 1:16    Baritone Sax funk riffs lead band to a smooth bridge. 

4 I Like Peace 1:15    A simple happy dance number in 7/8.

5 Sansa Kuwa 1:33    Zambian popular song with audience sing-a-long.

6 Camel Ride to Bahia 0:58    Sax choir harmony improv with Brazilian percussion.

7 Shuffle Ra 0:59    Horn parade! - interactive improv with audience.

8 Trance Mission - Part 1 0:32     Earthy instrumental beats meet a soulful alto melody.


 Take a musical taxi to grooveland!  ZAMCAB is a 7-piece world-beat group that engages full audience participation in their unique and exciting performances, generating a groove-move collective consciousness with their organic music play.

Singing original repertoire and covers of Zambian folk and pop songs, ZAMCAB is led by Juno award-winning musician Kenny Kirkwood, featuring 7 colourful voices, a choir of saxophones, and a rhythm section of guitar, keyboard, bass, drums and African/Brasilian percussion.


Zambian Independence Celebration - Toronto




AFROFEST - Queen's Park, Toronto