© 2005 Kenny Kirkwood SOCAN 

I like the way you walk
And I like the way you talk
The way you make my dreams come true 

I like the way you sing
Come on now do your thing
Say it to me that you love me to 

I want to get along
Let's spend the day again
Into the stars we'll go and we'll shine 

Do you remember us in the clear blue waters
on the shores of Lake Huron last summer, wasn't that such fun? 

Running for cover under a great oak tree,
the thunder drumming into us sugar, then you held me tight baby 

Let's turn the world around
and let's help it live again
all we need is precious time to share some good will 

When we're walkin' on the beach,
We'll talk about dreams to keep
Then we'll ride the rock and rolling tides rushin' in.

© 2002 Kenny Kirkwood SOCAN   

Don’t you wish the water wasn’t filled with plastic bottles?
To breathe the air without the fossil fuel? 
If you run the race, you run the risk of sellin out for gold.  
Live your dreams for future lives and times. 
Endless streams of yesterdays newspapers,
telling stories of opinion, selling stories of dominion.  

  I feel like I’m slippin' away from a culture that divides. 
  I feel like I’m movin' into a future that provides.
So high is the feeling in-side of myself, 
I just fly into my higher self.  

Wheels don't stop turnin,
breathe in the moment in your mind.  
People stop sleepin, take it in - the waters flowin by.  
Why are we living in spite of ourselves? 
Why not fly into our higher self?  

Don’t you know the time will come when you, 
will blossom like the flower that you are?
Take the time to plant this mighty thought,
each and every day, into your sweet heart.
Time keeps turning after all,  
  its drawing a circle with all different points of view.  

We can move on together,  
and come to know a oneness without sides.
We need not be vengeful
in the name of others who have died.
So try to stop fighting

We can remember ourselves to our own heaven & hell
bring the world back online,
hear your Mother nature rhyme,  
all time, all time, all fine, all fine,
  no mine, no mine, no crime, no crime. 

CHORUS 2    (sung with CHORUS 1)
Don’t you know the time will come when you,
will blossom like the flower that you are?
Take the time to plant this mighty thought,  
each and every day, into your sweet heart. 
Time keeps turning after all, 
its drawing a circle with all different points of view. 

© 2013 Kenny Kirkwood SOCAN    

It’s been so long that I’ve known you,
Right from the start of my life, no meu coração. 
You held me close in your arms, close in your arms,
And told me stories in the night. 

Wherever you were, wherever you are,
Our lives are together, the universe the stars.  
  Shining in your eyes, reflecting in my heart, 
The dreams you've always had for me,right from the start, 

You fill my world with love and joy,  
  And belief we'll never part.  
Sharing time and wisdom starts, 
  Open wide my eyes, my heart 


Balance now you're rising, the mother spirits say.
So many questions I have, you patiently explain. 
  The who and where and when and why,
You tell me answers to help me fly. 
Connecting me to life on earth,
Help me feel the joy the birth,
Of family, love and worldly truths,  
So real, the magic of Spirit You.

© March, 2009 Kenny Kirkwood SOCAN (revised thru 2019) 

[Source: . by Laura Redish and Orrin Lewis] [Revisions in consultation with Haudenosaunee community members at Six Nations.]    This song is not for personal profit.  The original stories of the Peacemaker and Ayonwatha are cultural property of the Haudenosaunee.   This song is intended for educational use.

The Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga too, 
Cayuga, Seneca, and Tuscaroras new. 
These are the Six Nations that we rap in words, 
They became strong ‘cause they listened and they heard.
The Great Peacemaker, and Ayonwatha too,   
The Great Law of Peace is a good way to renew,
The Great Law of Peace is a good way to renew!   Here we go now:  
BREATHE - in a good way so we can  
THINK - in a good way so we can
TALK - in a good way so we can 
  WALK - in a good way  

Before the arrival of the Europeans, 
The ongwehon:we had to make a big decision, 
There was war and fighting, a lot of the time.  
People were in trouble, and were tired of the crimes.  

CHORUS      The Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga too,...  

The Great Law of Peace is an oratory law, 
  it takes many days, to hear it all.  
There are three things to remember, hour by hour, 
it's Righteousness, Peace, and Power, remember 
Righteousness, Peace, and Power, SAY WHAT ?! 
Righteousness, Peace, and Power, let’s hear it! 
Righteousness, Peace, and Power.  

Righteousness is fair between the people and the nations,  
Fly like the eagle see that justice prevails. 
Peace means to keep a sound body and mind,  
It'll keep U sane and keep U fit and peace is what you find! 
Power is the authority of laws and customs 
Dish with one spoon you gotta know all the wampums!  

CHORUS    The Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga too,...  

The first five nations formed a confederacy,
Each nation sends the good spokesmen to Great Council to meet. 
They make big decisions by consensus with peers, 
They listen really deep 'cos they open their ears.  

They put down tobacco and they say their prayers,
With wisdom and truth, they face their fears. 
With thanks to creator, and Mother Earth too, 
And all of the ancestors, watching over you.  

The Haudenosaunee have a government with "chiefs”, 
They are chosen for living their beliefs. 
They do their job, as best as they can,  
The clan mothers who pick them know the mind of a good man.  

Each Nation has a team, a tribal council,
The Chiefs listen carefully to all the people’s needs.
To make good decisions for commUnity,
To keep families feeling safe, you know what I mean?  

CHORUS      The Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga too,...  

Representative democracy, a good mind thing,
Taught to the European settlers to bring, 
  A voice to the people, everyone should have a say,  
Nia:weh Peacemaker, we can still make peace today!  

This is how the United States,  
Set up U.S. government connecting our fates.  
Each state has a council, that makes its own laws, 
  And also sends officials to the Federal cause.  

The Haudenosaunee meet every no:ya,
To give thanks to the Earth, Iethi'nistenha ohontsia.  
  You are my sustenance, you give me life each day. 
Nya:weh Shonkwaia’tison, ioyanre! 

CHORUS      The Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga too,...

ZAMCAB, 2002

"Free World Beat" - LYRICS COMING SOON !